Role of Music in Reducing Stress


Music has been proved medicinal. Yes, you read it right. Right from babies to adults, music has an impact on every single person at different degrees depending on the level at which it is consumed. One of the most common factors that music is said to have is its influence on stress. A large number of people knowingly or unknowingly call music as their biggest stress buster. This is because of the inherent nature that is present in music that can soothe our souls and calm the mind.

Impact based on Genre:

Music is quite a subjective term since different genres of music can have different impacts on different people. So researchers went on to explore different genres and analyze the impact that it had on people. These researchers selected genres that are widely listened by people and found that songs that belong to rock genre and music that involved drums have the expected calming effect. This result was quite contrary to what most people believed. Most of us think that light music and BGMs that involve musical instruments like violin and piano were calming whereas the research stated otherwise.

Various other reports also stated that sounds of thunder, rain, and waterfalls could also have a soothing effect when it is combined with other musical pieces. So it can be any form of music. However, research results are always based on average, and there are always exceptions to it.

How does music kill stress?

Whenever you are anxious or stressed out, the first physical reaction that happens is increased heartbeat. The racing heartbeat should get back to the normal pace in order to get rid of stress. This is what music does. When you listen to music, it helps you feel at ease and helps you get rid of fear thereby reducing anxiety. When you stop feeling anxious about something, your heartbeat gradually decreases and reaches the normal pace.

Stress can be a resulting factor in many other negative feelings as well. For instance, if you are angry or if you feel like crying hard, even then, your body will not function the way it has to function. So, at times like this, listening to some good music can help.

The basic idea behind asking a stressed out person to listen to music is to distract the person’s attention from whatever is disturbing him. This can help the person recover as well. The focus changes and so does the emotion.

It is just the cyclic reaction between different emotions and the effect that they have on your body. So music helps you get rid of the negative emotions and helps you feel normal. This is how music kills stress.