How to Produce Electronic Music

A quick guide on how to make electronica music using your computer:

Nowadays, recording and creating your music has become much easier thanks to the development of consumer technology. You can easily record, and edit your music right at home, as long as you have got the right equipment. So if you have always dreamed of releasing your own music on the internet, here are a few steps on how to create it using your computer.

Get access to a computer with the right specs.

You will need a processor that can reasonably handle audio processing, and of course, you also need at least 1 Gigabyte of RAM (random access memory) to record and mix music. You do not need a top of the line machine; even a Mac laptop is a-okay for recording and editing electronic music at home.

Find the right software

There are tons of different programs that you can use if you want to record and edit music. Some of them are for free, though others are paid software. On Mac, there is already a program called Garage Band. There are also other programs that you can use such as Music Mixer, FL Studio, etc. You should check up on what the different kinds of audio recording and mixing software are.

Start recording

You can record with the computer in two ways. You can either you pick up the microphone; you can choose between an amplified or dynamic one, and a pre-amp, this is usually included in the audio interface. To record, simply connect the microphone to your user audio interface’s input, turn on the power when you pick up an amplifying microphone and turn it on so it does not create a feedback loop.

Look at your synthesizer program

If you have got an audio input installed, then you usually have access to a synthesizer. Digital or software synthesizers can allow you to create waves to make sound or music without the need for an analog one. Mixing these waves allows you to create all sorts of sounds, but some of the basic ones are sine, saw, pulse, etc.

Add effects to your electronic music

These are also important if you want to make your sound unique. You can add effects, such as a reverb to change the sound of your music. A reverb effect makes your music sound like its coming from far away. There are tons of different effects that you can use on your computer to mix music.

Begin mixing your song.

To mix your song, you will need to listen to it really clearly. And since you are at home, that would mean a top quality noise-cancelling headphone. You should also have a recording monitor if you have got the money to pay for them.

Be patient and have fun!

It will take a while for everything to sound the way you want it to. There is nothing better than the perfect mix; you should always try to make the best mix, if possible. And keep on practicing making your music!