Online Shopping for Music

What are the best websites for music equipment?

Shopping online is the best way to get any sort of product- even if it is something random like best crossbow, or best ties.  (lol) It is much more convenient to find what you are exactly looking for, and you can also find better deals on the internet too. The same can be said if you are shopping for music equipment. These kinds of products are usually very pricey so you need to be careful about where you buy them from.

When it comes to audio equipment of any kind whether it is for recording or creating music, you should definitely check out these websites. They offer the best prices, deals, and equipment for aspiring musicians out there.

Guitar Centre

For those that are after guitars and related gear, then Guitar Centre has got what you need. They have got an awesome website that is easy to browse, so you can quickly find what you are looking for, or what is in your budget. They also are the premier guitar seller in the US. So you should have no trouble getting your item shipped to your place.


You can literally find everything on Amazon, and that includes music equipment too. From Saxophones to recorders, even recording equipment can be found on Amazon as well. The only downside is that you will find that it takes a bit of searching to find the music equipment that you are exactly looking for. Plus, you usually need to look carefully at the merchants that are selling the music products as well. However, if you want an online store that lists everything, then Amazon should be your first choice.


This website has got a pretty extensive collection as well. For example, they carry all sorts of headphones both HiFi and Studio quality ones. Sweetwater also has got a huge variety of amps, synths, etc. This makes it pretty easy to find the exact product that you want to purchase. Sweetwater may be a general music store, but you can easily find solid body guitars and other kinds of niche musical instruments on the website.

If you are based in Europe, then Thomann is your best option. They have got everything that you could ever want in audio equipment, no matter what your budget is. Whether it is digital pianos, guitars, etc. you can virtually find it all on Thomann. This website is also a company that is based out of Europe. So if you are shopping from the UK, Germany, France, etc. then you should definitely shop from Thomann. The item will arrive much more quickly, and you can usually find it a better price because of the lower shipping costs as well.

These are some of the best websites where you will be able to buy music equipment of any kind. If you want high-quality music equipment, then you will not go wrong if you purchase from one of these sellers, since they have got an amazing reputation. And with the large selection of these websites, you are sure to be able to find anything that you want when it comes to audio equipment. Just remember to always read reviews about the music equipment that you are buying before you purchase it!