Advantages and disadvantages of Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a file-sharing website that you can use if you want to let people listen to podcasts, music and other kinds of audio programs through the internet. If you are looking for a platform to share your audio-based content, then Soundcloud is the platform for you. Share audio files on blogs and social networks, form your own community based on your creations or simply store tracks and songs on Soundcloud.

It is no secret to anyone that the future of file storage is destined for the cloud because it reduces the need for local storage devices, which are ultimately a limited and expensive resource.

There are many applications that allow any type of files and other more specific services (such as documents or videos) to be uploaded to the cloud according to the needs of each person. There is also a cloud storage service designed specifically to store and share sounds and songs. Soundcloud is one of the best of these kinds of services, and if you want to share audio on the internet, it is the premier way to do so. However, just like with any other kind of platform there are disadvantages and advantages to it.

What are the advantages of Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is not only a service for storing sounds and music on the network, but also aims to go much further to become a platform for sharing, receiving and even viewing any audio file from anywhere.

To share audio files is not necessary to register, but if you want to send you must validate your email address. After uploading any file you can send it through social networks or wait for the community to listen and comment. Of course, you can control exactly what others can do with your files, such as defining whether or not they can download, listen or evaluate each track you share.

Soundcloud is the basis of a few dozen mobile applications that base their services on audio files, so the possibilities for expansion have no limits. The use of the application is completely free, but there are several payment plans, each with its own characteristics and advantages over the basic plan.

What are the disadvantages of SoundCloud?

There are a ton of incomplete albums on Soundcloud. This is because there are a lot of users that have only partially uploaded their albums onto the platform. Many major recording studios and companies have also not shared most of their music or albums on Soundcloud. This means that the average user will find it hard to look for newly released albums there. You would be hard-pressed to find any top recording artist’s latest full album on Soundcloud. At most, you would find only a single or two of that recording artist.

Soundcloud is also not that well-curated as other music sharing platforms. This is because it is mostly made up of a community of its own users. So you are way more likely to find amateur music and audio programs on Soundcloud in comparison to other music sharing platforms.