Frontier Guards- Interface

Yet again, Signifier and Aliens Production Label team up to release the very best in dark electronic music to a worldwide audience. Featuring nine exceptional new dark electro tracks with a decidedly dark ambient bent and an original remix from Wyvern Origin, Frontier Guards prevails with dance floor friendly music for the discerning listener.

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Blutspan- Nemerth Awaits

Signifier is proud to bring you Blutspan’s second full length album, “Nemerth Awaits,” featuring sixteen brand new tracks along with intriguing collaborations from Millipede, Kothyus, It Was The Sun, and Impurfekt.

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Role of Music in Reducing Stress


Music has been proved medicinal. Yes, you read it right. Right from babies to adults, music has an impact on every single person at different degrees depending on the level at which it is consumed. One of the most common factors that music is said to have is its influence on stress. A large number of people knowingly or unknowingly call music as their biggest stress buster. This is because of the inherent nature that is present in music that can soothe our souls and calm the mind.

Impact based on Genre:

Music is quite a subjective term since different genres of music can have different impacts on different people. So researchers went on to explore different genres and analyze the impact that it had on people. These researchers selected genres that are widely listened by people and found that songs that belong to rock genre and music that involved drums have the expected calming effect. This result was quite contrary to what most people believed. Most of us think that light music and BGMs that involve musical instruments like violin and piano were calming whereas the research stated otherwise.

Various other reports also stated that sounds of thunder, rain, and waterfalls could also have a soothing effect when it is combined with other musical pieces. So it can be any form of music. However, research results are always based on average, and there are always exceptions to it.

How does music kill stress?

Whenever you are anxious or stressed out, the first physical reaction that happens is increased heartbeat. The racing heartbeat should get back to the normal pace in order to get rid of stress. This is what music does. When you listen to music, it helps you feel at ease and helps you get rid of fear thereby reducing anxiety. When you stop feeling anxious about something, your heartbeat gradually decreases and reaches the normal pace.

Stress can be a resulting factor in many other negative feelings as well. For instance, if you are angry or if you feel like crying hard, even then, your body will not function the way it has to function. So, at times like this, listening to some good music can help.

The basic idea behind asking a stressed out person to listen to music is to distract the person’s attention from whatever is disturbing him. This can help the person recover as well. The focus changes and so does the emotion.

It is just the cyclic reaction between different emotions and the effect that they have on your body. So music helps you get rid of the negative emotions and helps you feel normal. This is how music kills stress.

What is Music Therapy and how it Works?

Music Therapy

We live in a world that is filled with a lot of emotional complications and stress. As a result, we face a lot of physiological and psychological pressure and disturbances. While there are a lot of methods that can medically help these individuals recover, there is also another method that can be added to the list. Unlike the other methods that are medical, this one is quite different. Yes, it is music therapy. Listening to music is one of the best things that you can do. All of us like listening to music. So let us see what music therapy is and how it works.

Music Therapy

What is Music therapy?

If we have to begin the discussion in a lighter vein, music therapy is the story of how the all-pervasive music got over the field of medicine as well. The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) came up with a detailed description of what music therapy is and when it originated. It stated that the idea of music therapy is not new to the world of sciences. Though it existed since the days of music and there are also biblical references as to how good music helped kings get over feelings of depression as in the story of King Saul and Little David, the proper therapeutic form started as early as in the 1790s.

Later to that, music played a pivotal role in the aftermath of wars such as WWI and WWII. The consequences of these wars left a lot of people with physical and emotional trauma. A lot of them were admitted to the hospital. So people who knew music went to the hospitals and played different types of music to soothe them and help them forget their pain for a while. This is one legendary living example of music proving itself in the area of medicine.

Since then music therapy has become a common remedial measure for people who are going through stress and various other problems that take a toll on their mental health.

How does it work?

People who are involved in the field, especially the ones who administer the program, are expected to hold a professional course completion eligibility in music therapy. There are a lot of training centers that cater training on how music therapy works and what has to be done to help people who suffer from different issues.

Music therapy works in many sessions. Depending on the intensity of the trouble that a person goes through, they are advised to attend the session for a certain number of weeks. The therapist will look for signs of improvement and accordingly change the pattern if required.

Music is said to influence the emotions of an individual. In most cases, people can get rid of stress if they are emotionally well balanced. This is what is done in music therapy. The therapist helps in reducing your anxiety levels and helps in improving your psychological wellbeing.

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